Ren (foryouishallbrn) wrote,


Haven't written in here for a long time. I've got not much to say. Things have been the same. I'm so sad, and I can't help it. Even when I'm supposed to be happy, sadness kreeps up on me again! I need to be careful, I don't want to have another panic attack at school. I don't want to spread my unhappiness to my friends.. wait a minute.. what friends? Heh.. now that I think about it, I don't really like the ones I've got, the ones I see everyday. They all make me feel so bad. Especially Enid. She always has to be right. She always has to point out my mistakes and make me feel even worse about the stupid things I do. She always has to stomp on every dream I have, everything I like. Why? Because it's saintly. She didn't have to do that to me. She tells everyone all my secrets I told her NOT to tell her about, the whole class. Chung too. Give visuals as well. What I do to myself is MY business, not the rest of the worlds. At least.. not yet..
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