Ren (foryouishallbrn) wrote,


In honor of not posting anything, I shall post a poem I wrote entitled "Murdered" because.. I don't feel like typing. So there.

I watched him squirm on the ground, my revenge sent laughter up my throat
Oh how he deserved it, oh how he choked
A stab wound to the chest, dug deeper, deeper still
A stab wound to the neck
Blood trickles down from his evil mouth of threats
Eyes bulging, breath shortening
Savor the once in a lifetime look
And as he asked for a little mercy
I simply said no
The hurt and pain he’d sent my way was no comparison to this
I will keep the scars, but his will end all too quickly
I pulled his body to the furnace, to burn the evidence
Scattered paper I placed upon him, a match I then struck
Crackle, pop, burn, there goes my sad, sad boss
Will he forever haunt my dreams, I think not
But that doesn’t mean he can’t say hello
To such a fiend as me
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